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Residential Key Box Program

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Our residential key box program, offered since 2004 provides a secure, Knox brand key safe, which is installed on the home by the fire department. The Village retains ownership of the key box, and the homeowner is responsible for notifying the fire department in the event they no longer need or require the service. The safe is factory keyed to a unique key code only used by Mayfield Village and the master keys used by the Fire Department to access the safe cannot be duplicated.

Once the Knox Box is installed, the homeowner’s keys are secured inside. In the event of an emergency, the Fire Department, using our secure master key can access the resident’s keys inside the box and quickly enter their home to render assistance.

The program is free of charge and is tailored to elderly residents, those with limited mobility, disabilities or illnesses that could prevent them from providing access to emergency responders. 

The master keys carried by the fire department are secured in our vehicles by means of an electronic locking device that can only be released by a radio transmission broadcast by the police dispatcher at our request.

The Knox brand rapid entry system is safe, secure and reliable. For more information, please visit the Knox website at To enroll in the program, please contact the MV Fire Department at 440.461.1208.

You can download an application for a key box here.