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As your Mayor, I am honored to welcome new residents to Mayfield Village.  I am also happy to remind current residents that Mayfield Village is a residential community that offers a large variety of recreational opportunities, sponsors many public events and provides unparalleled services.  The attached summary should help introduce you to all that Mayfield Village has to offer, and should help you navigate the myriad of information available on the Village’s website.  Please spend some time learning about the many amenities your community has to offer and consider these and other ways to get involved:

  • Sign up for CivicReady Emergency Notifications
  • Peruse the variety of senior services and programming offered through the Mayfield Village Senior Services Office and the Community Partnership on Aging
  • Serve on a Mayfield Village Board or Committee
  • Join a community group like the Garden Club or Historical Society
  • Take advantage of assistance provided through the Heritage Home Program
  • Learn about trash pickup and community shredding and recycling events
  • Enjoy Parkview Pool and summer programming at The Grove Amphitheatre
  • Talk a walk on The Bruce G. Rinker Greenway Trail
  • Join Wildcat Sport & Fitness

Send an email to [email protected] to get on our email list and receive updated weekly notifications about what it happening in Mayfield Village.  It is important to me that the government in Mayfield Village be open and responsive to the needs of all our residents. You are invited to attend our Council meetings, which are held on the first and third Mondays of every month, or any of our Board or Committee meetings (details on all upcoming meetings are  included on the website calendar). 

If at any time my staff or I can be of service to you, whether you have a question or a suggestion, please do not hesitate to give us a call.  If you are a new resident, welcome to Mayfield Village! If you are a current resident, I hope that you love living here as much as I do and will find this information helpful.

Brenda T. Bodnar