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Learning CPR is easy, and if you are a resident of Mayfield Village or Gates Mills or are a business within Mayfield Village. It is also free!

When are CPR classes offered?

CPR classes are offered throughout the year as demand necessitates and are not scheduled on a regular basis. As inquiries from residents and or business are received by the CPR department, classes are then scheduled based upon instructor availability.  Once scheduled, CPR classes are held at the fire station on weekdays from 8-11AM, evenings from 5-8PM, and occasionally on weekends if needed.

Where are CPR classes offered?

CPR classes are offered at the fire station due to the logistics of video media needs and cleaning of the CPR equipment in house. The fire station also offers an open space to allow students to have enough room to feel comfortable while performing their hands on CPR skills.

What does a CPR class cost?

There is no cost to residents of Mayfield Village and Gates Mills and/or employees of businesses located within Mayfield Village.

Are there different levels of CPR certification?

Our most common offering is the Heartsaver AED for adult, child, and infant course.  This program is designed for laypersons in the workplace including office and support staff, custodial personnel, technical staff including some medical technicians and lab staff, dental hygienists and other staff who do not directly provide medical treatment. This course is rough 2.5 hours in length, requires no written test, and is also suitable for anyone wishing to attend a basic CPR course where a certification card is issued.  This course is NOT intended for healthcare providers.

Our remaining offering is the BLS Healthcare Provider course. This program is designed for health care workers who provide medical care such as physicians, surgeons, paramedics, EMT’s, and nurses as required by their respective licensing and/or certifying agencies as specified by the American Heart Association. This training is more involved than its’ Heartsaver AED counterpart as it involves more advanced techniques and adjunct equipment that laypersons would not typically have knowledge of or access to. This course is roughly 3 hours in length and requires successful completion of a written test as well as a more in depth and focused practical skill demonstration.

Are there restrictions to the size of a CPR class?

Typically, we restrict class size to 9 students to allow for social distancing. If you have more students interested, we would be happy to schedule additional classes as needed. Smaller classes also allow our instructors a greater ability to work more closely with the students on an individual basis, thereby creating a more productive learning environment.

We appreciate your interest in the Mayfield Village Fire Department CPR Program. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a CPR class for certification, please contact our BLS Program Administrator Jason Brothers at [email protected].