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Except for committees of Council, the Mayor is empowered to appoint committees subject to confirmation by a majority vote of the members of Council.  The following Committees are currently active in Mayfield Village:

Cemetery – Mayfield Union

Mayfield Union Cemetery is the original cemetery established in 1847 for the four communities of Gates Mills, Highland Heights, Mayfield Heights, and Mayfield Village. These four communities were once united as the Mayfield Township.  In 1994 the financial operations were incorporated and a board of trustees representing Mayfield Village, Highland Heights and Mayfield Heights were appointed.

The Cemetery is located in Mayfield Village on Wilson Mills Road between Interstate 271 and S.O.M. Center Road (Route 91). 

The last burial in the Cemetery was in August 2009. To the best of knowledge there are possibly one or two available sites for burial but are held by family members. Records from the Cemetery were stored at the Mayfield United Methodist Church in Mayfield Village. A fire in 1950’s destroyed some the records. The Mayfield Township Historical Society has been able to gather information on the burials in the Cemetery by the grave markers and family members. Mayfield Township Historical Society’s genealogical library now has these records. The Library is located in the Bennett Van-Curen Historical Museum 606 S.O.M. Center Road, Mayfield Village Ohio 44143, 440.461.0055.

Citizen’s Advisory Committee

It is the function of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee to review matters of general concern regarding the management, operation and effectiveness of the municipal government and its various officials, departments, boards and commissions.

Meetings held monthly on an as needed basis. When held they meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Civic Center.

Current Members:

Sandy Batcheller
Sara Calo
Rosemarie Fabrizio
Patti Ferris
Peter Gall
Robert Gessner
Marilyn LaRiche-Goldstein
Mark Granakis
Bob Haycox (Chair)
Joanna McNally
Lorry Nadeau
Mary Salomon
Monica Syracuse
Maureen Washock
Diane Wolgamuth, Director of Administration
Jennifer Jurcisek, Council Rep
George Williams, Council Rep
Steve Schutt, Council Alt

Citizen’s Advisory Minutes

Minutes posted online may not be in final form, please contact Diane Wolgamuth for finalized signed copies of the Citizens Advisory Committee Minutes or to request previous years minutes. You can email Diane Wolgamuth at [email protected] or call the Main Office at 440.461.2210.