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Leaf and Mulch

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Leaf Pick-up begins in mid October through December. The program is weather dependent. If it snows before the leaves are collected, the resident must bag them and dispose of them with their regular rubbish.  The Village does not offer Spring pick-up of leaves.

The Service Department vacuums the leaves at every residence. The men go through the Village completely and then begin again after they have made a full round of all Village streets.

Leaves must be left on the treelawn and not in the street. Leaves left in the street cause a danger, especially when wet, the roads become slick.

Branches and other non-leaf debris must be removed from the pile on the treelawn. If picked-up with the leaves, they will cause damage to the vacuum truck.

Mulch and Wood Chips are delivered in the Spring. Please call the Service Department after March 1st at 440.442.5506 to put your name on the list. The mulch and/or chips are delivered on a first come, first served basis. Each residence is permitted a maximum of  4 yards of each. Delivery ends at the end of May. There is no Fall delivery.

Fall Leaf Clean-Up Tips (from Cuyahoga Soil and Water Conservation District)