Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What is the maximum size shed I can build on my property? 

    192 square feet

  2.  Can I put up a privacy fence, and how tall can it be? 

    Fences must be at least 25% open space (board-on-board, chain link, etc.). The max height is dependent on the type and location (i.e. front, side, or rear lines). See Section 1157.08 of the P & Z Code.

  3. Can I park my work truck at home?

    Yes, if; it doesn't exceed one-half tons in rated capacity, is parked in a closed or covered garage, or kept out of sight, and it must be used only by the resident.

  4.  How would I know if my truck is a commercial truck per code?

    The definitions in the code are if the vehicle is used for business, commercial, or manufacturing and has mounted equipment, signs, racks for ladders, tools, etc.

  5. What type of paperwork do I need to put an addition on my house?

    You will need to bring in six (6) sets of plans to go to the Architectural Review Board, along with photos of all sides of your house, a color scheme, and material samples such as siding, roofing, shutters, and brick colors. Once approved by the ARB, a building permit is issued after the plan is reviewed for code compliance.

  6. Can a Homeowner pull own permit and/or personally perform the work described in the permit application on his own premises?

    YES. However, such Homeowner shall submit an AFFIDAVIT (click here).

  7. Are there any Point Of Sale Requirements when I sell my home?

    Yes. A Certificate of Inspection is required if you have a Septic System. Contact the Cuyahoga County Board of Health for a free Inspection @ 216-201-2001 x1265. Section 1365.01 of the MV Codified Ordinances.