Mayor's Office

Bruce G. Rinker,

915 Worton Park Drive
Mayfield Village, OH 44143
Phone: 440.461.2210

Please send correspondence to:

6622 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143


I am proud to say that February 2013 marks my 20th anniversary as the Mayor of Mayfield Village. Needless to say, much of our landscape has changed over the years, but I am happy to note that many important aspects of the Village remain the same.  The pride and dedication of our residents, community leaders and staff continue to make Mayfield Village a great place to live and work.  Home to 3,460 residents (a number which has remained constant) and Progressive Insurance, Mayfield Village enjoys a diversity of amenities that include abundant parkland, first-class recreational facilities, a school system regularly recognized for excellence, and burgeoning high-tech business opportunities in our commercial district. 

With an ever-expanding greenway trail network, Mayfield Village is a walkable community.  We continue to look to new and better ways of protecting our natural environment and enhancing the built environment.  It all adds up to a wonderful quality of life.

Bruce G. Rinker